- Each order contains 1 steak
- Each steak is approximately 1.5 pounds (+/- 0.4 pounds)
- Dry aged for 14 days
- Wet aged for 21 - 56 days
- All Natural, no additives, no preservatives
- Antibiotic and hormone free
- Ships frozen
- Shipping Policy

The boneless portion of the diaphragm muscle, the Fullblood Wagyu skirt steak is cut from the plate. Long and thin, the skirt steak is known for being rich in flavor and extremely versatile. It’s perfect for fajitas, beef sandwiches, pasta, beef skewers, and stir-fry! Ideal for marinating, the skirt steak is best seared and grilled. For optimum tenderness and mouth-watering results, cook the steak to medium-rare and cut against the grain before serving.

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