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Wagyu Beef Smoked Kielbasa Skewers

Wagyu Beef Smoked Kielbasa Skewers with Chimichurri 

Prep Time: 15 Minutes 
Cook Time: 10-15 Minutes
Servings: 3
Difficulty Level: 1
(Levels: 1-5 with 5 being most difficult)

Recipe provided by Brandyn Baker @blackdog_bbq



            • Chef’s Knife or Carving Knife
            • Cutting Board
            • Mixing Bowl
            • Grill or Outdoor Propane Burner
            • Cast Iron Griddle (if cooking with a propane burner)
            • 3 Skewers

            FIRST STEP

            Take the Fullblood Wagyu beef smoked kielbasa out of the freezer, and place it in the refrigerator 24 hours before starting this recipe.


            Place the olive oil, salt, black pepper, minced red onion, minced garlic, red wine vinegar, and chopped parsley in a mixing bowl. Stir until combined.

            Set aside until ready to use.


            Place the cast iron griddle over a propane burner, and turn the heat to medium-high.

            NOTE: If using a grill, preheat the grill to high heat instead, and continue with the following steps.

            Tightly pack the Wagyu beef kielbasa links against each other (similar to how they look in the package).

            Insert a skewer through the middle of each Wagyu beef kielbasa link, so that all 4 links are held tightly together.

            Repeat this process two more times, going down the left side of the links and then the right side of the links. This results in 3 skewers holding the Wagyu beef kielbasa links tightly together, side-by-side.

            Once the griddle begins to smoke, add the Wagyu beef kielbasa to the griddle, and cook for about 5 minutes.

            Flip the Wagyu beef kielbasa over, and cook on the other side for 5 minutes.

            After both sides have cooked, turn the propane burner (or grill) off, and transfer the kielbasa to a cutting board.

            FINAL STEPS

            Using a carving knife, slice the Wagyu beef kielbasa twice - first between the left and middle skewers and secondly between the middle and right skewers.

            This will give you 3 separate Wagyu beef kielbasa kabobs.

            Plate each Wagyu beef kielbasa kabob with some chimichurri sauce, serve, and enjoy!

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