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Queso Fundido with Wagyu Chorizo Sausage

Recipe provided by Chef Melanie Hammericksen, Double 8 Cattle Company Contributor


1 (1 LB) Package Double 8 Cattle Company Fullblood Wagyu Chorizo Style Sausage
1 LB Cream Cheese (softened)
1 1/2 CUP Best Food Mayonnaise
12 OZ Artichoke Hearts (chopped)
1 Red Bell Pepper (small diced)
1 Yellow Onion (julienne sliced)
1 Bunch Green Onion (diced)
2 TBSP Sriracha Sauce
2 CUP Parmesan Cheese
Kosher Salt (to season)

Freshly Ground Black Pepper (to season)

Salsa Fresca

3 Roma Tomatoes (medium diced, seeds removed)
1 Jalapeño (minced) (use less if you want less heat)
1/2 CUP Cilantro (chopped)
1/3 CUP Red Onion (small diced)
1 Lime (juiced)
Kosher Salt (to season)
Freshly Ground Black Pepper (to season)


Heat a sauté pan on medium heat.

Add the Fullblood Wagyu chorizo style sausage, and cook partially.

Then, add the yellow onion slices, and cook until both the chorizo and the onion are cooked through. Break up any large pieces.

Drain off any excess oil, and cool.

Beat the cream cheese in a stand mixer or with a hand held mixer until smooth.

Add the mayonnaise, and mix until well combined.

Mix in the cooled Fullblood Wagyu chorizo style sausage by hand with a spatula.

Then, fold in the chopped artichoke hearts, diced bell pepper, diced green onions, sriracha sauce, and parmesan cheese.

Check the seasoning, and add kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper to your taste.

Chef’s Tip: If you like it a little spicier, you can add a diced hot pepper (jalapeño, habanero, or serrano).


In a bowl, mix together the diced roma tomatoes, minced jalapeño, chopped cilantro, and diced red onion.

Season to taste with lime juice, kosher salt, and freshly ground black pepper.


Place the queso fundido mixture in an oven proof casserole dish.

Bake immediately at 400°F (for around 25 minutes) until it’s bubbling and the top is nicely browned.

If you prefer, you can cover the dish and bake at a later time (up to three days later).

Once baked, top with a little salsa fresca.

Serve hot with a big bowl of tortilla chips.


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